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In a case mentioned by Putsch, for example, a Navajo woman develops nightmares about her father following his death from a ruptured appendix.

The woman’s mother felt that her daughter was somehow connected with her husband’s death, and that she was plagued by the malignant influence of his spirit.

I facilitated many sessions where persons in the physicala healing began.

My wife and I were asked to do what we thought to be a 'house-clearing session' for a lady living approximately 4,000 miles away; as her husband committed suicide two weeks prior to us being asked to do the session and she wasn’t having any success in selling her home.

For whatever reason, they are there, some are trying to help in whatever way they can, others may want to complete unfinished business and others may think they need a body and just join one.

Some are attracted to people because they were going through similar lesson as themselves and are looking to heal themselves through the host’s experiences.

For instance, a traditional Navajo ceremony was conducted to treat the nightmares, whilst diagnostic measures were taken to determine if her post-partum depression was caused by other endocrinological problems or not.

The Chinese believe that the main reason for ghosts to return to the realm of the living is that they had not received a proper burial.

Nevertheless, these spirits may also return to seek vengeance, or to seek help in righting a wrong they had caused / had suffered.

Illnesses caused by ghosts may be physical or mental, though unexplainable by modern Western medicine, as mentioned earlier.

Therefore, to treat these illnesses, other measures have to be taken, for instance, by praying to a particular god, by seeking the aid of a local healer, or by appeasing the spirit.

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